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Great success for the first scientific crossing of the AGOA sanctuary, the first French sanctuary for marine mammals in the Caribbean. On Sunday, April 10, the Bel-Espoir lifted anchor at Rivière-Sens (Gourbeyre) in Guadeloupe for a week of sailing to Martinique. The program includes a counting (observations and acoustic recordings) of the present cetaceans on the road and public awareness conferences in Saintes, Marie-Galante and Martinique. The mission "On the Whale’s Road" was also a great exhange opportunity for the 23 scientists on board who came from several countries (USA, Spain, Venezuela, Canada, ...) to watch cetaceans. We can only pay tribute to the association Breach Guadeloupe, the WWF, the University of the West Indies-Guyana and the University of Paris-Sud, which have supported this initiative and are already thinking about the project next steps. Rektangle Production followed the whole mission with the objective of producing a documentary for the public presenting the mission, the cetacean issue and the interest of preserving and protecting these species.