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An 80 minutes live concert of the band Pitchipoï on DVD! PiTCHiPOï is a group of nomadic, festive music, which offers its own original writings and arrangements. The repertory is inspired by Gypsy, Klezmer; let’s travel from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, passing by the Tango and the definitely modern sound of the electric guitar. This ensemble is enhanced by the richness of their instrumentation on stage: double bass, gypsy and electric guitars, 2 violins, a viola, a violin-trumpet or a mandolin. 8 instruments for 4 talented musicians with the same desire to share with others and bring people together. The realistic texts of Minoush-K's compositions, as well as the instrumental universe create a true identity for this timeless group, speaking about love, separation, the pleasure of dancing or the pain felt beause of a beloved one gone far away... PiTCHiPOï is a concentrate of festive musical pleasure where the strings sing, cry according to the catchy or nostalgic melodies; the guitars and the double bass punctuate these musical moments of rhythmic of Central Europe or of Manouche Jazz, fleshy and carnal, and which will sometimes are going to make you cry TEARS OF JOY! PiTCHiPOï -which means " Unknown Destination "-, is a message of hope in historically difficult times. The music could be a musical illustration for David Lean, Roberto Benigni, Tony Gatlif or Emir Kusturica movies… Charming the audience and enjoying intense musical moments together will be our pleasure! The members of the group : Minoush-K : Singing/Violin/Mandolin Smad : Violin/Alto/Violin Trumpet/Choirs Dylan Malidor : Guitars/Choirs Simon Buffaud : Double bass/Choirs Pauline Bourguère : Drums/Musical saw

Teaser, 2016
live concert extract, 2016
live concert extract, 2016
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