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Who are the officers of the metropolis ? What do they do ? What are their missions ? Why are they so essential to the proper territory opearation? Every day, the 1685 Tours Metropolis Val de Loire agents’ act to make our daily life safer, cleaner, nicer, more attractive and forward-looking… Yet, their missions, often carried out in the dark, are unknown. In order to solve this issue, Rektangle Production pictured and designed for Tours Metropolis, a 2-year multimedia communication campaign,including websites and different communication supports such as video, print, numerical and radio, as well as a two life-size investigation game which took place during may 2019 and from July 15 to September 13 in 2020. Find the whole campaign on the Tours Metropolis website : https://www.tours-metropole.fr/les-agents et sur le site du jeu : https://www.les-mysteres-de-tours-metropole.fr/

Campaign film, season two
launch of the game video - SAISON 2
Campaign film, season one
End of the game video - season two
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